Supporting local business: A Box of Comfort – Mourning the loss of a loved one

October 1, 2020

HomeCEO- Celebrating Every Opportunity to Serve our Community to provide comfort during difficult times of loss or grief.

Often times when you know someone that has lost the life of a loved one, a pet or maybe even someone that is experiencing an illness it’s hard to think of what is helpful to say or do to offer support or encouragement.  A Box of Comfort has been created truly for this reason.  Janeen Kokodynksi and her family experienced the loss of an infant and felt how others wanted to help and give support and how they did not know exactly how to do that.  This gift is a meaningful gift that will certainly be treasured much longer than traditional flowers.

Meet the founder of A Box Of Comfort, Janeen Kokodynski in this short interview: